Even if you don’t have a kid at home, it is still inevitable to avoid clutter. I have a tendency not to put things back to their respective places after using them so after a few days, there are pieces of everything everywhere. And so before 2013 starts, I am going to devote most of my time de-cluttering our place and I need as much storage space as possible.

I love wicker baskets and they are just perfect to keep those little things together but with the number of boxes I need, it’s going to cost me a lot. There are quite a few shoe boxes lying around the house so I just have to find a way to make those work. And because shoe boxes are shallow, it might not be enough. So here’s my idea…


I bought a couple of packs of disposable chopsticks a month ago from Daiso (P88/pack of 100pcs) that I was supposed to use to make a sunburst mirror. But since I needed storage boxes, I used them for this project instead. This is so easy and quick. Just glue to chopsticks around the shoe box…


…and add a few sticks inside for reinforcement and you’re done! Notice how I glued the sticks to the box? That’s to keep it everything even. You can spray paint it or varnish it but right now I just left it bare. I’m loving the bleached wood effect.


I’m definitely going to make some more of this for our shelves.


And also for Bryce…


… and of course for my plants. Fake plants that is. Haha!

By the way, I did two more versions of this so please check them out here. :)

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