Sorry for being MIA for the a few weeks. As usual, crazy schedule is my alibi and probably lack of exercise, thus the lack of energy to do everything. I know it would be impossible to accomplish everything in my list but I’m going to try my best because the house really looks pathetic. It has to look somehow appealing for 2013. I placed the list on my sidebar just to help me remind myself of the tasks to do.

Anyway, just wanted to show some little home improvement we’ve done for the past months (ever since I started this blog.)

First, is our living area. The walls were re-painted and all the ugly chocolate brown “baseboard” that was oh-so-80s were painted white as well. And since we have that unusual (and downright ugly) half-wall protrusion, I had the center covered up so that there will be alcoves on either side.

Now, it looks clean (and bare). I’m still trying to decide what to do with those alcoves since they are irregular in shape, not the perfect book case type. And, notice those brown stains at the bottom? It’s one of the many things I hate about this house. I think that is rust coming from the concrete wall. Same thing is happening to the rest of the house walls. This house really needs major overhaul!

Here is the messy dining room before…


… and now the repainted one. The best we could do with teeny budget after the flood damaged the walls.

Since I badly needed storage for all the clutter we have, a built in shelf was made.

I am planning to make a built-in cushioned seat out of that (another!) wall protrusion so I could get rid of those monoblocks. I also want to  build a longer dining table out of reclaimed wood. Hopefully next year. So much to do to make this house quite picture-worthy. Haha!

And lastly, here’s the wall that was severely damaged during the flood. You can’t see it here but the top corner was about to fall any minute so we had to change some of the wooden frames under the ceiling. There were water bubbles under the paint (yes, bubbles with water, brown and icky!) so the paint had to be peeled. And again, there were rust stains showing through the white paint.

Here’s the wall now.

The rust stains keep on showing despite layers of paints (see bottom left of the door). I keep on trying to make this house better but it just keeps on messing itself up. Yes, it’s the house that doing all the mess, not us since this is an old, crumbling house. This is not out permanent house and so we just can’t do major improvements (we better save the money for our “forever home” as Mommy G. calls it.) It’s a bit frustrating and challenging at the same time because the budget will always come first.

I hate the floor too. It’s dirty and corroding. No matter how much we mop and vacuum it, it’s always sandy. I wanted to have it tiled but again, it will cost us a lot for something that is not ours…

So there, I just hope I can have powers to turn this house into something I can love… :)

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