Like I said before in this post, I love having plants inside and outside our house. But for some reason, their lives with me never lasted long. And now I decided that instead of buying fresh ones, I’ll just have to settle with fakes greeneries instead. My 2012 to-do list includes adding greens in the house and so I guess I could check that task now.

In one of my Divisoria trips, I bought a couple of 19″ embroidery hoops for P25.00 each. They were supposed to be for my DIY drum shade for my living room light but 19″ was still too small. I need 30″ at least. Is there such a huge embroidery hoop or should I use another material? Anyways, since I don’t cross-stitch or embroider, I had to think of another way to use it.

I was feeling a bit artsy and wanted something interesting to place my plant into and I also wanted to hang something in one of the corners of our house. And this idea was so easy, cheap and not time-consuming at all.

Using four embroidery hoops in same sizes, place each piece under or over one another to form a sphere skeleton. (The one I bought was just tied with strings not screws and the wood was pretty flexible. If you’re using the screw type hoops, you can always cover the screw with yarns.) I like the effect of yarn in mine though. Secure them with strings,no need to glue. Set it aside, making sure it’s safe from playful hands. Bryce threw it around like a beach ball when I wasn’t looking one time.

Next, make a cone out of an old cardboard using masking tape (my all-time best friend) and give it a fancy trim just like mine or just whatever you like. I bought four pieces of fake plants. Choose something that has lots of bendable stem in a bundle.

Place your plants inside the cones, securing them with masking tape. Bend the stems outward to make it look like a messy bouquet.

I covered my cardboard cone with moss using white glue but halfway through it, I remembered that this will be hung so I roughly tied rope twine around it leaving 8-10″ hanging loose from either side. If you don’t want your rope to show, tie it first before covering the cone with moss. My twine complemented the moss so I guess it looked ok.

Get your sphere again (if it’s still in one piece by this time) and tie your plant in the middle. I painted the strings yellow using acrylic paint.

And now your hanging plant can steal the spotlight! You can make several of these using different sizes of embroidery hoops, hang them together in varying length for more interesting effect.

Now, I’m sure this one won’t die on me.

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