Do you hate those L- shaped wall brackets as much as I do? They’re so 1980′s and you definitely don’t want your house to look like a hardware store. Floating shelves are the thing now because they are so much cleaner and add elegance to any space.

I wanted one for years but I’m not willing to spend P700 for something that is just a foot long and I surely need more than one! So   for years, whenever I pass by the shelving aisle in Wilcon or Ace Hardware, I told myself “someday…”

Can I replicate it instead? The ones you can buy from hardware stores can be installed like below. The support system is metal which is good if you’re going to place heavy items on the shelves. It can be replicated but you would need the help of a welder to do this (Not so DIY-friendly). Plus the shelf itself is not hollow so you would need some sort of filler to come up with a 2-inch thick one. Thank you for the ever reliable internet, I found this fantastic tutorial on how to build a floating shelf! Since I’m not planning to place anything heavy like hardbound books, this would do. I showed the pictures to our carpenter and he did the shelves in an hour (excluding painting.)

And now “someday” has come. Those long-coveted shelves are in my son’s room now and with a cloud design too! You can’t find that in Ace, hah! See how easy those shelves were installed.

I had that little curved wood added using No More Nails glue to make the cloud look complete. For more detailed tutorial, please click here.

Here’s the picture again *love*. I would have wanted it to be lower but knowing Bryce, if he could reach it, those shelves wouldn’t last a week. Just imagine what a toddler could do…

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